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The GI dimming feature of WPC pinball machines was designed around incandescent bulbs. LEDs are great for improving the lighting in machines, but due to their electrical characteristics, they have can have massive flicker issues due to the WPC dimming method. GI OCD allows you to customize how lamps are controlled in order to make them react more like incandescent bulbs, or just better in general.




The Addams Family (Standard and Gold)WPC89Yes
Attack from MarsWPC95There are probably a couple of issues with Bill Ung's AFM Expansion Kit. I have one in my own machine, and it appears to be working correctly with the GI harness. The Super Jets feature also appeared to work, however, those lamps were lit more dimly than they should be. It works fine with his Mini-Saucer LED Kit, though.
Black RoseWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Bram Stoker's DraculaWPC89Yes
Cactus CanyonWPC95Probably will not work quite right with Cactus Canyon Continued. Should work if the game is stock, but we do not have test results.
The Championship PubWPC95Yes
Cirqus VoltaireWPC95Yes
CongoWPC95Should work, but we do not have test results.
CorvetteWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Creature from the Black LagoonWPC89Chase Lamp Board will remain solidly lit and would require modification to work properly.
Demolition ManWPC89Yes
Dirty HarryWPC89Yes
Doctor WhoWPC89Yes
Fish TalesWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
The FlintstonesWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
FunhouseWPC89Customer reports that the board works properly, but the mechanical fit is extremely tight.
The Getaway: High Speed IIWPC89Yes
Gilligan's IslandWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Harley-DavidsonWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
HurricaneWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Indiana Jones: The Pinball AdventureWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Indianapolis 500WPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Jack*BotWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Johnny MnemonicWPC89Yes
Judge DreddWPC89Yes
Junk YardWPC95Should work, but we do not have test results.
The Machine: Bride of Pin*BotWPC89The helmet lights on Bride of Pinbot are not controlled by GI, but instead by a separate Chase board. GI OCD will not affect them at all; neither positively or negatively. If you choose to leave incandescent bulbs in the helmet, you will at minimum need to increase the value of the F3 fuse. We do not recommend this, but if you choose to, please keep an eye on how much heat is being generated in the drive and bridge transistors.
Medieval MadnessWPC95Yes
Monster BashWPC95Yes
NBA FastbreakWPC95Yes
No Fear: Dangerous SportsWPC89Yes
No Good GofersWPC95No Good Gofers requires a different ribbon cable due to the auxiliary 8-driver PCB. Please notify us when ordering so that we can supply an appropriate cable.
Party ZoneWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Popeye Saves The EarthWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Red & Ted Road ShowWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
SafecrackerWPC95Should work, but we do not have test results. This would probably be a very tight fit, if it would work at all.
Scared StiffWPC95Yes
The ShadowWPC89Yes
Star Trek: The Next GenerationWPC89Yes
Tales of the Arabian NightsWPC95Yes
Terminator 2: Judgement DayWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
Theatre of MagicWPC89Yes
Twilight ZoneWPC89The PinballLizard clock board has LEDs installed in reverse polarity as to what the GI OCD needs. These LEDs would have to be reversed to work properly. According to other reports I have had, Ingo's clock board does not have this problem, and it will work fine without modification.
White WaterWPC89Yes
WHO DunnitWPC89Should work, but we do not have test results.
World Cup SoccerWPC89Yes

For example videos, see the media page.

GI OCD is interchangeable between WPC95 and WPC89 games. The only difference between the two selections available is the default configuration that is loaded on the board when it is shipped. You can still use either kit in either type of game, but you will need to reconfigure the board using the PC software if you do not choose the configuration to match your game.

If you would rather not make holes in your game's backbox, you have the option of 3D printing a bracket and installing as described here. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, you can also purchase the bracket as an add-on. Keep in mind that is not required for installation. Orders including brackets may take a day or two longer to ship due to the time required to print the brackets.

This product may not work well with "special" bulbs such as blinkers, color changers, etc. The most common result is that they do not blink like they should.

Some games may have additional circuitry that may not be compatible. For example, the Creature from the Black Lagoon chase lamp board needs modifications to work correctly. If you encounter a game that it does not work properly with, I have no problem accepting returns, but please do not order if you are not comfortable with this possibility.

We have historically included a mini-USB cable that can be used to connect to a PC for configuration. We are increasingly hearing comments that this is not necessary to include, so I am going to remove the mini-USB cable from the kit. Until I run out, you can request a cable in the comments of your order. Alternately, you can use a standard mini-USB cable that you already have or can get inexpensively from many different retailers.

For more information, read the FAQ.

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