Stern GIzmo Hardware Installation

NOTE: Before installing, you must replace the incandescent bulbs in your game with LEDs.

1. Turn off power to the game and wait 10 minutes.

2. Remove the translite from the game and lower the speaker panel as shown. Removing the bulb is not necessary, but can make the rest of the installation easier.

3. Disconnect the cable from J15 of the Stern power driver board.

4. Connect J1 of the GIzmo board to J15 of the Stern power driver board.

5. Connect the cable you removed to J2 of the GIzmo board.

6. You can now turn on the machine. Verify that D1 is lit solid.

Fade Time Adjustment

You have the option of removing one or both of the jumpers to make your GI fade on and off more quickly. The speed at which they fade is dependent on how many LEDs are in your game and what type they are.