This page is mostly dedicated to LED OCD videos. For GI OCD, click here, or for GIzmo, click here.

Pinsider Altan posted an amazingly thorough review based on his experience with LED OCD including slow motion video of LEDs in his Twilight Zone with/without LED OCD installed. Altan also has a website at with lots of cool pinball related stuff.

Altan's Informal Review of LED OCD.

Here's a slow motion video featured in Altan's review. The GUM, BALL, LOCK 2, and bottom pop bumper have LEDs.

Buffalo Pinball installed an LED OCD in a Tron during a live stream.

This video is a side-by-side comparison of the same machine with the same LEDs before and after adding LED OCD. The most noticable difference starts at 0:30.

The game in the middle has LED OCD and GI OCD installed. The other two do not. Thanks to a customer for this video.

Another before and after video, but this time it's a video created by a customer, using his machine. Thanks Austin.

A Capcom example.

I created this video early on during the design of LED OCD.

A video that attempts to give you an idea of how you can use LED OCD to smooth out effects like the progressive dimming on Spider-Man.